Three simple yet profound words that encapsulate the essence of what we stand for here at Inhergy. As a visionary woman on a journey of self-discovery, you possess an innate ability to tap into your energy, your potential, and your dreams like no one else can.

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Many times, we find ourselves seeking…

  • External Validation
  • Guidance
  • Solutions

only to overlook the incredible power that lies within us. And if you’re honest, there comes a point where you know you are called and capable of more.

You’re in the right place. It’s simply time to step into your FULLEST

Ignite Your Inner Flame

With Inhergy, I want to see you unearth your unique gifts, awaken your hidden potential, and ignite a flame within that will guide you towards what you know you’re truly capable of.

You have the capability to be fully connected to your spirit guides, in tune with the spiritual messages that matter, and the ability to change the world in an unshakable way with your gifts.

A Path of Enlightenment

From Awakening to Ascension


Step into the depths of your soul and reconnect with your true essence. Through our coaching program, you’ll unlock the ability to stay in tune with the spiritual messages meant to teach, inform, and guide you as you rediscover your unique gifts and learn to trust your inner guidance like never before.


Harness the power of your energy to manifest your deepest desires and dreams. Our coaching sessions will guide you through activating your energy, boosting your confidence, and stepping boldly into the life you were meant to live.


Find harmony within yourself and the world around you. Together, we’ll explore how to realign your thoughts, actions, and intentions with your true purpose, creating a life of fulfillment and abundance.


Quantum leap into the future you desire and watch your dreams become reality. Our coaching calls, private consultations, and exclusive retreats provide you with the support and guidance you need to collapse time and close the gap between your present and future.

As part of Inhergy

you’ll join our supportive community of kindred spirits, all dedicated to energetic and self-mastery

group coaching calls

Two per month

private consultations

Via office hours

exclusive retreats

The support to radiate your brightest light

I want to learn more!

The Investment

You are here to turn your vision into reality

Split Payments of


first payment due on enrollment second payment in 30 days

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Paid in Full


Bonus: Inhergy Activation Session 1:1

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Quarterly payments


Four quarterly payments with first payment due on enrollment

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frequently asked questions

Who were for: This community is exclusively for the visionary, energy conscious woman. This is your haven, your safe place to let your guard down and believe wholeheartedly in what you are here to do without someone depositing guilt, shame, fear, or doubt into you. Your visions come to you from God, your ancestors, and your spirits to guide you in fulfilling your purpose in this community. You’ll learn to manage and leverage your energy on your own AND with support – be it communal and/or through Shakisha’s energetic expertise.

The structure: Here, you get to create your experience as the seasons of your energy unfold. Sometimes, you need some 1:1 support. Sometimes, you just need to be with folks who get you and the journey you’re on. Sometimes, you just need time to be introspective, lean into a solid protocol, and be with yourself. Whatever you need, season to season, YOU CAN HAVE IT.

You are coming here to transmute the vision into reality, to learn more about HOW your energy works in real-time and real-life situations – a process that takes devotion and time… but is oh so worth it.

The commitment is 1 full year.


If you and I have never worked together before in any capacity, then our journey begins with a Vision Mapping Intensive (insert link). This will allow us both an opportunity to assess whether working together long term is the right move.

You will also get to see energetic self-mastery work at play and a detailed, energetic, and spiritually based plan for moving your vision forward.

This community is for visionary women who desire to partner with their spiritual team and leverage their energy system as a tool to accelerate the fulfillment of their BIGGEST dreams. 

Must be willing to cheer others on as they win. 

Quitting is never your answer, even if you do take a break or make a pivot.

You want to leave NOTHING on the table of life that is FOR YOU. You want all your things. 

If you can’t stand the idea of leaning on your spiritual support, aligning your energy, healing, and crafting tangible action plans based on spiritual strategy specifically for you – you’ll most definitely hate it here. 

Illuminate the World

If you’ve been paralyzed by the nagging feeling of wasting time, not maximizing your talents, or getting in your own way, understand that Inhergy was created with love just for you.

It’s time to embrace your destiny, illuminate the world, and become the radiant beacon of light you were always meant to be. It’s time to shed the constraints of playing small and step into the life you were destined for. With Inhergy as your guide, you will learn energetic mastery in a way that not only changes how you engage with the spiritual world, but it will also elevate those connected to you as well.

The journey begins now. Are you ready to lean into the brilliance of embracing your full Inhergetic being?

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